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How to Prepare Your Home for a Carpet Cleaning Service

Updated: Oct 28

Are you planning to have your carpets cleaned in the near future? It is not as hard as you have ever heard or imagined. With some of these tips, you can save a lot of extra work. Of course, you want the best cleaning for your carpet. To have the best experience with the carpet cleaning, you must make sure that you are preparing it perfectly for cleaning. If you are wondering how to prep for carpet cleaning, then here are some of the ways you can ensure your carpet will be cleaned as thoroughly as possible.

How to Prep for Carpet Cleaning

Before your carpets are cleaned, it’s important to prep your carpet for it. You’ll want to ensure the carpet has the least amount of items on it, and vacuum it beforehand. Below are steps to take to prep for carpet cleaning.

Step #1: Vacuuming

Before you start cleaning the carpet, you must vacuum it. Vacuuming areas that have high traffic is essential says the CRI ''The Carpet & Rug Institute'' Even if you are calling a professional carpet cleaner, they will also suggest you to vacuum the area properly if it is possible. This can help the cleaning process to go smoothly and perfectly.

Step #2: Precautions

You have to take few precautions before the carpet cleaning is started. You have to remove the breakable items like flower vases, tabletop lamps and any fragile showpieces. Many carpet cleaning professionals will not handle these items because of their liability insurance. So, you have to do these on your own if you do not want any damages.

Step #3: Remove Small Furniture

It is better to remove the small pieces of furniture from the area where you want the professionals to clean. Small pieces of furniture include ottomans, dining chairs, small tables etc. All these pieces of furniture can bother a lot during the time of cleaning. Also, the area under them should be cleared too. These are some of the small jobs that you can do to make the cleaning better and more efficient.

Step #4: Keep Pets and Children Away

When you are preparing for the carpet cleaning process, it is important to keep your pets (if any) and children away from the place. Carpets, generally, have a lot of allergens, dusts and germs in it. This can be quite harmful for the kids as well as for the pets. So, when you are vacuuming the carpet or removing the furniture, it is important to keep them away. Pets and kids must be kept in a secured or gated area away from the servicing place.

Step #4: Details About the Carpet

One of the most essential preparations is talking to your carpet cleaning service. They should know about the stains in the carpet and what they’re from. If the real cause of the stain is known to the professionals, then it will be easier to remove the stain.


This is how to prep for carpet cleaning. It is quite simple and easy. You do not have to make it a big issue or think too much about the carpet cleaning process. Our professional carpet cleaning service here at Pure clean carpet cleaning have all the essential tools and requirements to clean your carpet. So, you do not have to worry about cleaning. Just make sure you are taking the precautions properly.


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